In Case You Care -- I Finally Found The Real "Conspiracy"

Like you I’ve tried to track down the conspiracies I know swirl all around us. FBI drones over our homes …FBI bugs on our phones…Mark Zuckerberg profiling our Facebook lives… faceless CEO billionaires secretly meeting in hidden Swiss chalets where our small fates are decided by global bankers who hold deposits larger than most nations, and who control legions of ground-mercenaries, drug cartels, and cyber-warriors. Their unseen strings snap the puppets we foolishly call our presidents, prime ministers, and popes.

Profit is their mantra. Power is their drug. But a funny thing happened when I finally met one of them to ghost-write his autobiography. This bastard turned out to be a soft-spoken, tennis-playing father of four who he hopes will go to an IVY League school, get married, raise a respectable family, and maybe make lots of money like him….!

As an evil “conspirator” he was one helleva big disappointment. As an inspired “mastermind” he was one helleva big disappointment. I can live with the first; but I lament the second. Don’t you…?

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  • If you ghost-wrote for only royalties, I guess it wasn't for the money in this case. Now, if he was having sex with the Kardashians or John Travolta, then there would have been a profit angle.

    But this sort of reminds me about Richard M. Daley saying after Ryan was convicted, that we are all corrupt, some for money, some for power. He didn't say the latter applied to his case, and apparently both apply to those like Madigan.

  • In reply to jack:

    Jack ~ I suppose writing for the rich & famous is prostituting myself, but so far I've never had to spin any conspiracies or lies for them. That might be the "line."

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