Do You Sometime Wish You Could Be Invisible?

Everyone has on occasion wished they could be invisible. Just for a little while. Say when your friends are talking about you, or when your boss is evaluating you, or most especially when the one you love is sharing their feelings about you to a confidant.

But then there’s the ancient warning: “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” If the truth-makes-us-free, it can often hurt like hell. Perhaps living in a world of little white lies — theirs and ours — is a much easier world to travel.

Still, this notion of invisibility remains intriguing. And when you give it some thought, you’re aware of just how many forces in our daily lives are virtually that — invisible. Light waves…radio and television waves…lasers…radiation…bacterium…and the latest entry into the field: cybernetics.

Cybernetics has already gotten a bad name. As in cyber-wars. Both America and Israel have reportedly infected the Iranian atomic programs with long-distance viruses to slow or destroy their targets. Like the US drones often invisible to those on the ground, cyber-warfare is the latest form of science-fiction come true.

Think of it this way. The natives in the farthest reaches of the fabled Tibetan highlands or on the most isolated Pacific islands move through their daily lives in the same primitive ways of their ancestors. Hunting, fishing, celebrating. And yet they are unknowingly moving through a 360-degree field of these same invisible forces that power our computer-banks, smartphones, iPads, and cyber wars. You are struck by the thought: Think of all they’re missing…!

A followup thought might be: Think of all we’re missing…!

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  • Apparently it is not ok if the Chinese do it to us, ok otherwise. Maybe the Mullahs should pray to the Imam Norton for some antivirus.

  • In reply to jack:

    You have a point......

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