America's Theme Parks Are Going Crazy This Summer. Like A Fox

Disney is pouring hundreds of millions into its Florida and California theme parks. Universal, Sea World, and Six Flags are working hard to keep up. Why, you ask and answer? Profits, of course. And yet…

Something else is going on inside the American psyche. As the real world spins relentlessly out of our control, what safer place for us than our childhoods? Those long ago, faraway sanctums in which we were king and queen of all we surveyed. Well, at least all we could get our playtime hands on.

Theme parks take us by those very same hands to lead us into the lost charms of Disney’s ‘Main Street’ or the roaring new spectacles ‘Car Lands,’ ‘Iron Shark,’ and ‘X Flight.’ Being a kid again in America is serious business!

But don’t feel alone in your little boy/girl passion to escape. No less a powerhouse celebrity than Charlie Sheen recently said what every celebrity could: “I’m still that 6 year old kid in the back of the class, and frankly I don’t intend to grow up!”

Shall we all join hands and hearts this summer in order to study our world’s political, military, movie and Olympic celebrities on our screens…? Yes, I think we should. And in watching, marveling and resenting them [usually in that order] shall we try to remember this single truth?

The ‘child’ in them, as in us, still lives. Still rules. Still helps explain almost everything they and we do.

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