Ahhh, The Carnival Is Coming To Town

This summer all over America local communities will watch the familiar ferris-wheel going up, and smell the cotton candy being spun. It’s the traveling carnivals which breeze into town for a magical few days, then just as quickly dismantle on their last night to haul their magic to the next stop.

In a time of enormous space shuttles, Caldron Colliders, and instant Apps, these old fashioned tent tours must seem a tad insignificant. And yet it’s in their very insignificance we find their magic. For you see fellow patrons, they are altogether more real and more substantive than those others. What’s more, they are just small enough to get inside our eyes, nostrils, and hearts.

But first be sure to free the child in you to find out what can happen. The rides become stairways to to the stars. The games turn into playing dice with destiny. As for the laughter and the giggles, oh they sound an awful like a chorus of angels beckoning the sleeping innocence in us to dare once more to be fully innocent.

And there’s more.

Next be sure to free the adult in you to discover what can happen. Suddenly the whole silly, frilly experience takes on the feel of a journey. Whooshing you from the dreariness of your everyday days, up up and away into an encounter with what lies in wait beyond the everyday. Perhaps your dreams-come-true. Maybe your finale-finally-here. Whatever it is, it’s there waiting just for you.

So… at the first sound of the traveling tent show in town, grab both the child and the adult in you. Take them by the hand, and learn what magic waits for both. No fair just guessing. You have to really plunge into the sawdust magic with both feet!

If this sounds like an advertisement, you’re wrong. Better than that, it’s a wish….

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