Admit It -- You're A Sucker And You Enjoy It!

UFOs…apparitions…Atlantis…angels dancing on the head of a pin. Are any of these real? Now there’s a question which insists on a question as its answer: What is reality?

Now here’s a handy working definition. There is physical reality (seeable, touchable, smellable), metaphysical reality (that which is not physical yet still believable), and everything in between (the many compelling realities that exist and persist in our minds).

But I ask you now. Where does this leave that approximately 50% of our television programming called Reality TV? While we live in a city, a nation, a world crammed with real lives in real hunger and pain and warfare, how do we dare call these make-believe camera hogs “reality?” The Jersey Shore, Housewives of Miami, brides and bachelors and survivors are the peculiar kids in the back of the classroom who we remember acting out. Now all grown up, they’re making a quick buck on screen!

If watching them is entertaining you, who’s to tell you not to be entertained…? But if believing them to be an authentic reflection of the world is informing you, please get another education…! For you see, most great civilizations declined just about the time they too decided to create and watch entertaining examples of themselves. Pagan Rome was known for this….the French Court of Louis XVI was famous for this…the Networks have scheduled 11 new ones for this fall.

Whoops! Does that mean the Networks will be fiddling while America burns??

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  • As you note, reality TV isn't.

    About 10 years ago, Letterman proposed for CBS "Survivor: Gary Indiana."

  • In reply to jack:

    Instead they will be soon doing "Survivor: Chicago Brothels!" You know, the test is who's still disease-free by age 30!!

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    ABC already did that for Vegas. About all they proved is that one has to be relatively clean to get a job at a legal brothel 60 miles out of town, while the hos left to work the streets of Vegas were diseased crackheads.

    Since there are not legal brothels in Franklin Park, and despite what I have said about taxing them, Illinois has not established them (but I bet eventually will), the answer is probably going to be the same as in Vegas, except age 19. Apparently, what Tom Dart got barred from craigslist wasn't so appetizing to begin with.

    I didn't think that prostitutes would need to be an integral part of Survivor: Gary, Indiana; the urban desert would have been sufficient. That was about the time that Trump thought that he could advance economic development by having Miss USA at his Gary casino, but the contestants had to be shuttled in and out of Chicago every night. Of course, he then unloaded his casino to the other operator at the scenic lake locale overlooking the cement plant.

  • In reply to jack:

    The very fact we're talking about such TV fare is in itself remarkable. Remarkably sad!

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    In that I was referring to a relatively mainstream "news magazine" on ABC indicates that I don't watch much of that manufactured news, either.

  • Avoiding that drivel should help extend our life expectancy by years......!

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