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Stay Just As You Are -- As Long As It's Who I Want You To Be

Americans have been dismissed as frontier anti-intellectuals ever since, well, ever since there were bawdy frontiers just to the west of us. Deerslayer..Davey Crockett…Jesse James…George Custer…Easy Rider. Even the west coast entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley are considered more inventive than intellectual Today’s revolt-of-the-nerds hasn’t entirely buried this bias. In the public mind it’s still iffy... Read more »

The Fine Art Of Stealing A Glance At A Woman's Beauty In Public Places

We can all agree this is a “time that tries men’s souls.” I would only add that any time is a time to appreciate a woman’s beauty. Now before you start…! This has nothing to do with objectifying or stalking beautiful women. Simply speaking for thousands of robust men here in Chicago and millions throughout... Read more »

Admit It -- Whenever You See A Plane You Can't Quite Help Thinking: Crash

In Greek mythology, Icarus’ wings burned as he flew too close to the sun, and he fell to earth. In the Bible, mankind fell to earth in disarray as their Tower of Babel grew too close to the heavens. The message? Sometimes too much of a godly thing may not be meant for man… Anyway,... Read more »

Open Letter To Cubs New Sensation, Whatshisnamee

Dear Anthony Rizzo! As a pathological Cub fan for four-times-your-age, I welcome you to your new place in the pantheon of rookie sensations. God love you in your role as their newest ticket-seller. Sorry if that sounds flippant, but I believe it only fair a young .342 hitter with 62 RBIs understands what he’s doing... Read more »

When U2, Bruce And The Beach Boys Met Tony

Quick — what’s the difference between a rock concert and an English class? Two cultures separated by a common language! U2, Bruce Springsteen, and the Beach Boys fill concert halls with exquisite English lyrics. Although their exquisiteness is often lost in the pounding surround-sound experience of lights, smoke, and beat. Nothing wrong with that. Good... Read more »

In Case You Care -- I Finally Found The Real "Conspiracy"

Like you I’ve tried to track down the conspiracies I know swirl all around us. FBI drones over our homes …FBI bugs on our phones…Mark Zuckerberg profiling our Facebook lives… faceless CEO billionaires secretly meeting in hidden Swiss chalets where our small fates are decided by global bankers who hold deposits larger than most nations,... Read more »

Admit It -- You're A Sucker And You Enjoy It!

UFOs…apparitions…Atlantis…angels dancing on the head of a pin. Are any of these real? Now there’s a question which insists on a question as its answer: What is reality? Now here’s a handy working definition. There is physical reality (seeable, touchable, smellable), metaphysical reality (that which is not physical yet still believable), and everything in between... Read more »

In The 60s It Was "Don't Trust Anyone Over 30!" But Now That You Are, Now What??

Time is a peculiar thing. To Einstein it’s relative. To Christians it’s followed by eternity. To lovers, they can’t get enough of it. To elders. they’d like to get more of it. To children, well to children, time is forever. Museums, on the other hand, look at time differently. They exist to capture it, display... Read more »

What If You Had Overslept This Morning, Hmmm...?

History is what happened. Life is what happens only because of a series of Karmic what-if’s. If you had overslept this morning, what would you have missed? To your loss, the first purple-orange break of day; to your gain, the noise of rise-and-shine power mowers. Now extend this what-if to other days of your life... Read more »

Wait A Minute! Whose Baby and Whose Bathwater Are You Tossing Out!

Lets admit it. In America being cynical is cool. Cynical like Bogart in “Casablanca.” Like Clint Eastwood, Simon Cowell, Donald Trump, and Cher. Cynicism plays well in bars, parties, even in some early relationships. The cynic holds enormous power, for he or she never has to reveal themself. They can scoff at their world without... Read more »