Your School Reunion. Or Returning To The Scene Of The Crime

You finger though the yearbook for some help. Faces. names. events. Gotta look sharp tonight. Also, you finger through the closet for the right look. Confident. successful. yet not over-dressed.

Driving to the big event, it’s your entrance that worries you most. I mean, when you walk in, will anyone even recognize you? If they do, what will they say? Gotta be prepared for no one knowing who you are. Twenty pounds is a lot more of you than any of them ever saw before. Oh hell, they’ve changed too. You don’t have to be so defensive. As a matter of fact, if I don’t feel comfortable the first ten minutes, well I’m outta there. And good riddance. Who needs you anyway.

What’s that….? Someone calling my name….? Gee, it’s Jake! Or is that Willy? Anyway, smile. You may not remember him, but wow he remembers you. That’s a good start! Now don’t mess it up. Keep smiling. Oh but wait. Lets not start by getting his name wrong. Names are important. So how do I play this?

“Hey tiger,” you hear yourself grinning, “how long has it been!” Jake, or Willy or was that Ray, gives you a big bear hug. You know, the kind of hug that says: Hugging you is easier for me than remembering your name. Hmmm…now that I think about it, we’re probably all here with some of the very same memory lapses. Desperately hoping the other people will fill them in.

So that sorta puts us all on the same playing level. See! It was safe to show up after all…..

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