The Armed Invasion Of Chicago

This month there may be as many armed police on Chicago streets as there are in Damascus. With the approach of the NATO conference, the city’s blue army is swarming in to protect the good guys from the bad guys. Of course, not everyone agrees on who the good guys are.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned is the ones with the most guns are deemed the good guys. Still, the lone rifle can flip the universe on its axis. Every angry warrior out there dreams of another Dallas. In addition to serving their messianic cause, there’s also the thrill of the hunt. One gunman able to infiltrate a wall of swat teams and helicopters. History, here I come!

Another lesson may be realizing our repressed dependence on our police [AKA, the government]. Right now there is across the land the latest generation of no-taxation-without-representation-so- down-with-King George III. The classic Yankee cockiness: I’m-my-own-master. And yet, if one of Hollywood’s spy thrillers were to actually become one of Chicago’s headlines this week, listen to the cry from the stunned citizenry: My-God-where-were-the-police??

Writing this within a few miles of Chicago’s International Airport, I can hear the whirl of security helicopters and catch sight of the blocked entrances to our expressways. The same police now hampering our freedom of movement in this locked down city — you know, the same police you complain about taking quick bribes and living off fat pensions! — these are the men and women who we take for granted when it comes to our safety and security.

But ask anyone who knows. Our everyday safety and security is their everyday job. Yeah, they do stop a lot for coffee and donuts. But between stops they’re the only ones between you and the jungle out there. Not only for this one conference, but for every day between now and the next.

I’m toasting you fellas with my donut……..!

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