So What's Your 3 Worst Dirty-Little-Secrets!

Another campaign. Another time to leak dirty little secrets. Past affairs, past lies, past deals, past birth certificates & resumes. But the relevant word, my friend, is “past.” All usually in the person’s past. Long ago, far away, and probably totally disconnected from the current campaign. Besides, if we were to score the two nominees, their secrets will tend to cancel each other out. So lets start from here and now, more than then and there.

Next, there’s you and me. Running for no public office, but also hoping to keep private a few of our own dirty-little-secrets. Hey, secrets come with the territory. Three of the most universal:

* That PERSON in your life who seemed to come out of nowhere, drifted away to somewhere, but for those few intervening weeks or years made an immortal difference. To your feelings, your beliefs, your visions, or maybe most lasting of all your heart. Funny how we often forget. Even funnier, how often he or she probably still remembers!

* That IDEA in your life which broke into your consciousness one unpredicted day with a swift sure insistence. Birthed perhaps in a classroom, a book, a pulpit, a march. No, you didn’t see it coming, for it was so totally foreign to your values. Yet, those values have never quite been the same since!

* That lucky BREAK in you life which remarkably and freely landed there in front of you on a route you thought you had mapped out for yourself. Fate? Karma? Destiny? God? The name makes little difference; the impact does. In our most brutally honest moments, we can ask ourself: why in all the world did that extraordinary turn of events turn up in my life!

And so, my fellow secret-keepers, while the political secrets start to fly thick and furious….maybe a little down-time to remember some of our own. And how they got us here…..

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  • Even the pope has secrets.

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    Yes we are learning now in the latest scandal right out of the plot of GODFATHER....requiat en pace

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    Urani ~ I thank you for your kind thanks........

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