Right Now We're Traveling Tunnels-of-Time

Think tunnels.

Physical tunnels, like those in say an ant colony or a copper mine. Then think time-tunnels, like the ones in which everyone is traveling right now. Including you and me. All hurrying through our particular appointed rounds for the day. Breakfast, getting to work, doing the job; later reading, thinking, socializing. But each of us traveling in our own particular time tunnel.

The worker: 9-5…the student: 8-3…the young mother: dawn to dusk…the retired elder: dawn until they can finally find some sleep.

We’re all traveling in time-tunnels. From which we can see and occasionally even intersect with one another. Yet, our tunnel is not quite their tunnel, and their tunnel is certainly not ours. Earth this day is the lives of 7 billion of us each tunneling with our own best hopes and dreams. Each in our own way, in our own time.

Try this.

Walk a busy boulevard at high noon and experience this buzz of humanity all around you. Each one buzzing through a tunnel of time they have selected for their day. The scene helps explain why everyone out here is going somewhere, but usually without talking. Probably because where they’re going is different from where you’re going. Still, by the end of another exhausted 24-hours, everyone seems to get to where they had planned for the day.

Like that ant colony — it’s a study in non-stop action. When, however, the action does stop or at least pauses, we look up in unison. We see and sense and share the very same moment. Ants have a Queen. In our case our pause may be a moon landing…an assassination..a terror attack…a presidential election like right now.

Ants don’t get to choose their Queen. We do. It’s called voting. And yet, for the next 150 days, this died-for-right-to-vote is about to be frittered away by millions of biased minds. Yes, biased. Some of which may be our own. One way to meet this quadrennial challenge is this. Now that we’re all actually looking up from our tunnels at the very same time, what a fine thing it would be to put aside our old, old biases for at least these 150 days. Put them aside like a pair of old smudgy sunglasses. So that might actually see what the sun looks like……

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