Right Now Martin Luther King Would Be Crying

What the hell happened in just one generation…?

Reverend King brings down the house of Segregation only to have his successors help dismantle Integration into whole new generation of Segregation. The reasons are complex. But the reality is not. Whereas Blacks & Whites work together and often even live together, try finding large numbers of them being entertained together.

Not likely, as the crowds in ball parks, concert halls, movie houses, comedy clubs and theatres are as racially segregated as ever. No, there is no restricted seating. There’s simply only a few of the other color there to be seated!

Blacks have their venues; Whites have theirs; and lately the twain hardly ever meets. You can quibble with some of the stats, but your eyes will tell you the story. Does this mean King was wrong when he envisioned the races living side by side…? Or dos it mean Lincoln was right when he believed that in freeing the slaves, their best freedom might be found in their own lands…?

I was there for the marches. I was there with King’s followers. I don’t know where you were…but I do know this. If you’re White you’re still being entertained mostly among White audiences; if you’re Black, you’re mostly being entertained among Black audiences.

As I said: What the hell happened in just one generation???

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  • As far as segregated seating, how about the stories about various Mexican gangs claiming to have reserved seating rights in the bleachers at Chicago Fire games?

    And as far as Martin Luther King Jr. crying, I cite not only various politicians who claim to have taken his mantle only for self gain [I don't have to mention the name of one in particular], but "activists" reflected in various areas, including the "race and poverty" neighborhoods of Chicago Now. As I asked one who was pure ego "if your 40 years of work was so effective, why hasn't the problem been solved?"

  • In reply to jack:

    I'd love to hear his answer....

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    He didn't have one.

    I mocked a later posting about some 40th anniversary event in Gary, by saying that in 40 years descendants of the politician would be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Peotone Airport groundbreaking without an airport, but he posted a response basically saying "thank you for posting something that was important to you."

    Some bloggers aren't responsive, and another one on that beat who has her picture in your right pane doesn't even purport to be. Another one is a hypocrite who just deletes the post. Thus is the life of clicking on the right pane when horribly bored.

  • First of all, hiring practices have not changed. That is a fact. When that is truly equal, then come talk to me. I have been on interviews where I was told "I did not know you were black", no job, had a guy fall asleep on me DURING the interview, no job, other situations too many to name. But I just keep moving on. It does no good to file a suit, private companies can hire who they want. The only fair hiring is with local, state and federal government jobs or the military. Lets start there. Then you have the banks with the mortgage loans. We could have three blogs with the lies about blacks getting easy home loans. If that were the case, then many women who have worked for the city 15-20 years would own homes. They have paid in rent what most mortgages are worth.

  • In reply to livefreechicago:

    Everything you say is true...

  • In reply to livefreechicago:

    Yeah, like you are the only one who cannot get a job. I suppose the interviewer knew you were a certified minority and just decided to take a nap. Please!

    Government is affirmative action filled -- at all levels. Most blanco Americans know not to even bother trying to apply, because the choices will go first to minorities and women, even if they have lesser qualifications. In case you have been missing in action these last forty years, a private business cannot hire whom they want.

    Also, try to get a mortgage if you are any color and not making big bucks and have a sterling credit rating.

    Sorry, I won't pander to you. Yeah, you're black. So what? To the interviewer who pointed out to you that you were a black person, you were probably talking to a life-time liberal who talks a talk but never marches a march. You were better off not working for that moron.

  • In reply to livefreechicago:

    At least with regard to employment, if what you say is true, you can file a charge with the Illinois Dept. of Human Rights and the EEOC (you might have to file with the state first).

    If you can get substantiation of "I didn't know you were black," there is enough of a case for the EEOC, and that doesn't cost anything.

    Of course, if they have another reason that is not pretense, that doesn't get you anywhere, which is what I think Richard Davis's point is.

    While it is not legal to retaliate against someone for making a complaint, you probably have also considered whether complaining is going to result in you getting blackballed.

  • A better question might be, "Where do you live and what do you do?"

    I live on the south-side. The grocery stores are mixed, the fast food joints, the restaurants and the parks.

    If you are wondering where all the color went maybe you are living in the rarified air of the liberal urban dweller? Just asking, because so many urban liberal dwellers have been known to see color first, last and always, and really don't march the march, but attend theatre and fret.

  • Richard ~ It's hard to know who to fear more -- the racist bigots or the bleeding heart liberals. Maybe if there were more of us somewhere sane in between, life would get better for all of us

  • Good post!

  • In reply to Kay S:

    Glad you see my point, Kay

  • Racists indeed are alarming. But how so bleeding hearts?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Bleeding hearts beat on emotion only, and disregard reality. For many with hearts bleeding the results are not important, only the intent. Eventually, emotion is spent and reality becomes....real -- and often the results are dismal. Then, the bleeding hearts start again and produce the same dismal results. What is needed is a kind heart, and a kind heart, tempered in reality, that can be tough when needed, for an eventual good result.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Give me an example.

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