Feel Like A Loser...? Say, You May Have A Great Future!

“Loser” is this generation’s worse curse. But wait, what does the record show? A lot of losers end up winners. OK, they usually have to be dead first, but I’m just saying…!

The hottest example lately is Spartacus. You probably never heard of him in class, but ever since Kirk Douglas made him famous he’s been a hit. Similarly, other famous losers [ read killed or died-out-of-power ] like Caesar…Cleopatra…Joan of Arc… Napoleon… Lincoln… Robert E Lee…George Custer …Jesse James…Truman…Kennedy. I had a few uncles who were big-time losers too, but the less said about them here the better.

To be sure, not every loser turns into a national hero. But those who do may have something to say from the grave. Especially every time some loud-mouthed verdict is being rendered by the self-righteous. Say talk-radio hosts! cable-news pontificators! columnists, bloggers, and candidates! Especially the beer-bellied brawlers in the bleachers who can always play the game better, because…well they don’t actually have to play the game.

So a long reflective time out here, fellow citizens.

Next time we judge another — pope, president, player, pop star — a mirror-moment, please. Looking at our self, don’t we feel our own losses in life ought to be judged in a bigger context than just that last dumb mistake? After all, world, there’s more to me than what you just saw or heard or read!

So here’s the deal. Next dumb mistake you spot out there, hold your fire. Take a moment to take a look in your mirror. It’ll help you slip your gun back in its holster. Where it mostly belongs….

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  • Where does this leave the Cubs?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Ahhh the Cubs! They have given the name "loser" whole new meanings and mournings. I weep from as far back as watching them lose the last World Series they were in in 1945. Watching our Cubbies is like a 40-day fast in the desert. Good for your soul, lousy for your faith!!!!!!!!!

  • While Clinton shows you can turn it around, I don't think either Jimmy Carter or Gerald Ford will.

    And, as Aquinas points out, there are the Cubs, who seem to revel in it. What other team has AC 104 and an L flag? And, unlike the Hammond Casino sign, or now even the Citgo sign outside Fenway, doesn't block it out?

  • In reply to jack:

    "Turning it around" is a gift granted to few. The Cubs are not likely to EVER be among them...

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