Believe In Miracles...?

This notion of miracles is open to a lot of debate. I’ll give youmy definition at the end. Until then, how else would you define these five moments in your life:

1. You’re still here…! In face of the remarkable odds against a safe pregnancy, delivery, and the first 18 years of life on a totally unpredictable planet, there’s a smattering of the miraculous to this life you and I so take for granted

2. You grew up in a family…! In face of the staggering number of parent-less or homeless children, what you and I simply assume is envied by millions

3. You’re thinking about this…! That you can think is in itself the remarkable achievement of a healthy body coupled with a healthy diet within a world in which 1 out of 4 of us goes to bed hungry

4. You have feelings about this…! Feelings are what gives heart to the head; to have and hold them is what distinguishes us from that jungle that’s forever nipping at the edges of civilization

5. You have people who love you…! All things considered, that love has had to overcome one heck of a lot of unlovable traits that you and I specialize in

You may have a better word than “miracle.” Quite frankly, though, I can’t think of one that I’d feel satisfied taking with me into my dreams tonight. Because you see, every morning that I still wake up, I can’t help thinking it’s another miracle.

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