Audacious American Art Helps Empty Anguished American Attics

The nation’s dark ugly attics were still crowded only a few years ago. Puritanical uprightness kept hiding all the “deviants” good Christan nation must condemn. Spinster aunts…autistic kids…gay uncles….unwed pregnancies…especially anyone who seemed “funny in the head.”

It kept things neat. Like Auschwitz. Anyone different from us — “us” being the “norm” — were kept out-of-sight in hopes they’d remain out-of-mind.

But then came along a breed of movie & TV crazies. You know, festering pockets of Un-American, Liberal gunslingers who never worked a decent day in their life, never killed a single enemy in battle, and whose only mission was ill-gotten gold out in La La Land!

All of a sudden spinsters like Gloria Steinem were now independent women…handicapped people like Stephen Hawking were respected celebrities….gays like Ellen DeGeneres were pop icons….and mental illness was a cause for cures not for laughs. My God, what happened to Sarah Palin’s “real America!”

There are still grousing Puritans in our ranks. However, as revelations keep showing, even the “pure” among us have embarrassing reasons to re-assess their once arrogant norms, and open the attics.

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  • There was an item in the right pane (I didn't read it) about gays reassessing whether they want to be called gay. I'm not even sure what is "gay" before the Kentucky Derby (lyrics to "My Old Kentucky Home"). Also, why they play "O Tannenbaum" before the Preakness (but I digress).

    Steven Hawking is not famous because he is handicapped, but because he may have the greatest brain in the world trapped in that body. I wonder, though, if he personally appears when his voice is on The Simpsons (sort of like whether Charlie McCarthy was really on the radio).

    But, if you want to go into old school hardline "grousing Puritans," I told publiusforum today where to buzz off.

  • In reply to jack:

    As long as there are grousing Puritans, the attics will sadly still hold some victims....

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