Ahhh There's Just Something About A Woman...!

There was this little 3-year-old boy building sandcastles on the beach when he suddenly looked up and asked the little 3-year-old girls around him: “Are you the ‘other sex’ or am I?” It’s been 78 years since I asked that question. By now it’s become insouciantly clear to me. Girls — by any other name — would smell and sound as sweet!

Sweet though they be, the times they are a’changing. Today the female of the species is the largest voting bloc, the largest percentage of university graduates, the largest part of the consumer market, as well as the largest number of daily users of social media like Facebook. Not to mention the expanding number of their national and corporate presidencies.

In just 78 years, “Father Knows Best,” “I Love Lucy”, stay-at-home-moms have become memories. Cherished or reviled, they’ve made way for today’s liberated woman. Perhaps one of history’s most deferred revolutions. Now, like all revolutions, this one is still sorting out its credits & deficits

The funny thing about tallying up such social ledgers is that credits & deficits can be understood in different ways by different observers. Take a few sample headlines ~

* WOMEN EARN LESS > according to the Wall Street Journal, this is an hours-gap more than a gender-gap. Because of children, only 14% of women work a full 40-hour-week

* PAIN KILLERS RISE > according to the New York Times, the number of opiods such as OxyContin in use has soared 400% since 2000, with women the more frequent users

* PLASTIC SURGERY SPIKES > according to MSNBC, closeup video chats like Syping have motivated women to correct chin-waddles in a procedure known as chinplants; the number has jumped 71%

While the world changes, some things remain ever the same. Take the Augusta National Golf Club where even IBM president Virginia Rometty is not granted membership. Even more astonishing, Victoria’s Secret continues its ancient tradition of glorifying the objectified female anatomy.

When it comes to the wondrous women of my world….sometimes I remain just as confused as my long-ago, 3-year-old-self.

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