I've Got A Convention To Pick With You!

There are two national conventions due this summer. However, there are other and far more common conventions by which we all live each day: “Agreed upon and generally accepted standards.”

Sociologists can trace these conventions or customs back to their origins. The rest of us…? well, we take them for granted and just sorta live with them. Which is perfectly normal in a country where the population need some unwritten rules-of-the-game by which to play their daily lives.

For instance, among our conventions are vague assumptions that truth eventually triumphs over lies… honor defeats evil…we marry for love…children are a blessing…there is an afterlife. Fairly significant assumptions. In contrast, hundreds of less significant but far more daily assumptions. These are usually kept alive through our popular art forms such as film, television, literature, journalism, and cookie-baking grandmas.

None of this is part of a plan; simply a matter of perpetuation:

* Beauty ~ In women, fixed standards as to hair, eyes, body, etc. In men, flexible standards often ranging anywhere from hunk to eccentric
* Politics ~ The usual assumption here is conniving and corrupt. Meaning sometimes the good ones get overlooked
* Police ~ Heroes when it’s the other-guy who was caught; bums when it’s us
* Feds ~ Burly, dark glasses, and watch-phones. Except when they cross paths with the local authorities or local prostitutes whichever come first
* Medical Examiners ~ According to television, always quirky computer geeks who slice up their corpses with a running patter of jokes and assorted tales
* CEOs ~ Lean, mean, three-piece-suiters with silver hair and golden parachutes
* Quarterbacks & Pitchers ~ Beautiful bodies, deliveries and girlfriends

Among the conventions most annoying because they never happen to me are:

* Taxis that appear with the first wave of the hand
* Downtown parking places that appear right in front of the building
* Unlocked doors conveniently waiting for you
* Beautiful and mysterious strangers who suddenly appear in your life

Just one player’s take on the game. You probably have others. Only you’re probably too tactful to tell

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