Have You Read About It? God's In Trouble Again!

Ever since people began believing in God [that’s like forever], skeptics have questioned the big guy. Atheists poke holes in the god-thing by Logic. Lately, they have Science to help them [especially the brilliant science of Evolution].

But while evolutionary biology has suggested our species doesn’t need a God to function effectively and behave morally, most Americans still tell Gallup they believe in God [even if they don’t spend a lot time worshiping Him on weekends].

At first that sounds like a draw — we kinda admire God as we do any other nice useless icon. Until, that is, we keep reading dramatic reports God is outmoded. Consider the latest,”The Moral Molecule,” by Paul J. Zak. In it he says: “After centuries of speculation about human nature and how we decide what is the right thing to do, we at last have some news we can use. Empirical evidence that illuminates the mechanism at the heart of our moral guidance system: Oxytocin.”

Zak and others argue levels of this brain chemical can determine how morally good and social we are. If true, presto God and centuries of prophets and messiahs are fairly expendable! Enough biochemical and genetic engineering, and just maybe we can create a brave-new-world. Biology trumps theology…!

Some will say where’s the evidence this is happening? After all, most scientists are not exactly preaching this. However, others will say, the more people read proponents like Zak, Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, the more no one will have to PREACH it. We’ll just begin to BELIEVE it.

If you remember, in the first brave-new-world by Aldous Huxley, drugs like “Soma” didn’t work out so well. In Zak’s envisioned second brave-new-world, “Oxytocin” is likely to prove no better. But here’s the kicker. If we erroneously kill God on the way to that new-world, how would we ever get Him back?

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  • I don't see oxytocin as a threat to God's existence. Although it could raise questions about free will. To the theist, it is part of God's creation. Where it fits in, science can only go so far in telling us. Philosophy and theology pick up where science leaves off.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I agree....however my sense [fear?] is that in time, enough such commentary sinks into the social sunbconscious; and soon the fears of Huxley, Orwell, etc begin to become realities. No, I can't PROVE it. But neither could some social historian PROVE to 5th C Rome theiir world was about to change forever

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    God was killed way back in the 19th century by Nietzsche and the 20th century bore out his predictions for what would ensue. Barring some sort of modern day "reawakening", it may already be too late to put that genie back in the bottle.

  • In reply to Brian Flatt:

    Nietzsche did his best...altho I'm not sure he thought it was such a good idea.

  • If God exists, I don't think it matters what any person thinks.

  • In reply to David Jordan:

    David ~ That says it better than most!

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