Today's Biggest Frauds You Can Wear But Can't Afford

Rolex…Piaget….Monet…Baum & Mercier. Anyone can wear them, but at up to $75,000 each, not many of us can afford them. Or should even want to. Because, you see, they are arguably the biggest frauds sparkling on today’s richest wrists.

If you have to ask why a fraud, no need reading the rest of this. It’s this watch wearer’s modest opinion the fraud comes from all that these dashing digits and dials promise you. I mean, yeah they can tell you the time. But sundials can do that. At these prices, these pretentious baubles should be able to do something more. A lot more.

But they can’t.

I ask you — can they stop time? reverse time? fast forward time? spin time so you and I can affect time? I think not. So what’s that extra $74,500 buying us?

When men flash their Rolex’s, it strikes me the same way they showcase their 150 mph sport scars that must be driven on 75 mph roadways. Or the sensational rock concert singer who intoxicates their audience only to leave the building without autographs. Or what about the drinks and drugs and campaigners who woo and wow us with an ecstasy of promises they never really deliver.

Today’s expensive scholars in the fields of psychology and neurobiology also appear to promise more than they deliver. They try brilliantly. But in the end what they provide us is only more and more information about less and less. By brilliantly understanding more and more about our physiological parts, may not this allow us to ignore the whole that is more than the some of our parts? I was thinking that when scanning the latest study from Oxford researchers examining the way Popranolol may be able to “cure racism by affecting specific nerve circuits in the brain.”

Back to Rolex and the gang. Time, Messrs Rolex, is such a fragile and at the same time mysterious cosmic power, perhaps you might reconsider your considerable talents. Try coming up with a watch that, on the hour, plays another passage from one of the world’s Great Books. You know, those authors who struggled just as brilliantly to fathom as well as to tell time….

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  • Many these days seem capable of "wearing" a political position that they truly cannot afford ... and neither can the citizens they would seek to lead ... enjoyed this as always Jack!

  • Yep...they wear labels like watches. So can we think up a Canadian-American health-plan to lobotomize the most dangerous of these?? Well, maybe that's pushing it...

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    Yes old friend ... we northern cousins always have that uncomfortable feeling that America may 'flex' at some future date and incorporate us ... taking only the resources and throwing away all the social infrstructure ... we would prefer that the Republicans are enrolled in remedial education asap ...for all our sakes!

  • In reply to Geezer:

    Here's the problem -- a lot of the neocon Republicans can't pass the entrance exam!!

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