Time is what the engines of our lives run on. Eventually, though, they will run out of it. Knowing how to know when — now there’s a cosmic secret to be wished for.

Or not.

Would we really want to know? To know when our little engine is about to stall and sputter out? Having this would be to have the knowledge of the gods, a knowledge mere humans are not well equipped to manage. Yes, for some it could energize our sense of purpose. For most, it would paralyze our sense of existence.

The subject may have added interest this time of year as the time of our daily sunlight grows longer. University of California astronomer Steve Allen explains: “As our days grow longer, somewhat unpredictably, there are fractionally fewer days in the year. Eventually today’s calender may need to be amended yet again.”

Allen’s concern will become important in say another 1000 years. Meanwhile, back here in 2012, the engines keep running and the clocks keep ticking. Especially our own clock. What to do then with our remaining ticks…?

Well, lets see now. There is a presidential campaign…rising oil prices…spreading culture wars confrontations in the Middle East…border jumping in the Southwest….the IRS….major league baseball’s 143rd season…and the 62nd anniversary of that starry June night I first met her.

Each one of these — the good and the bad — comes with the fuel of time. Each to be lived as best we know how. So that when time finally runs out, we might be so privileged as to say: “The trip was well worth taking. The destination was well worth trying for.”

Start your engines…!

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  • We are inclined to "Ask not for whom the bell tolls" ... whether it be for ourselves or others ... this expresses my response to the question at hand ... our motor already has sufficient mileage to warrant some overhauls ... we are content to idle away here in the laneways of seclusion until the 'spark' is no more ...

  • In reply to Geezer:

    ...ah but your "idling" has the purr of an engine that knows well where it is going. Not everyone can say that

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