Shhh, Would You Like To See Your Future As God Does?

In the 16th C John Calvin pictured it this way. We are “predestined” from birth, yet in order to explain our “free will,” he said life is like freely traveling a twisting mountain road which only God can see ahead to that approaching crash. But now what if WE could see ahead to exactly where our free will is taking us…?

Think the Fast Forward button!

Imagine what it would be like to posses the godly power to fast-forward our life, say 24 hours. To see not only where our free will is hurtling us, but also the consequences that will come with it:

* taking this flight rather than the next, we can now see if our plane lands safely
* making a key decision at work, we can now see tomorrow’s fallout at the board meeting
* asking our partner that long repressed question, we can now see if it further opens communication or slams it shut more than ever

Or what about on the world stage:

* a president jumps into a testy campaign issue whose heat by tomorrow would have cooled if only he had let it alone
* a banker closes an iffy deal only to learn tomorrow he sealed it with an indictable partner
* a manger calls for his runner to steal second base only to find his X-rays tomorrow show a season-ending injury

Oh to see the future. Even by a day. What power this would give us, and what histories could be altered. The only problem is, who among us is really equipped to play God? To hold in our bare hands these thunderbolts of time? To survive the consequences of their echoes?

You see, seeing today what is to be tomorrow is what sometimes makes even Gods tremble…

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  • With God there is no time. God lives in the eternal present.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Aquinas ~ You're right, of course, but you gotta give a mere human a break when he tries to write about time & god in just 600 words

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    Didn't mean to be a theistic nit-picker. Point well-taken.

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