"Mad Men" -- Your Ultimate If-Only-I-Could-Be Game

If only I could be…!

How many times we’ve played that game with ourselves. Kinda fun; kinda therapeutic as well. Why? Because you and I are so very very human, we hardly ever ever like ourselves just the way we are.

Maybe a different texture of hair, tone of complexion, type of body. Oh and age. Yes, yes, we often wish we could be a different age. When we’re kids we wish we were adults [ dumb wish! ]. When we’re adults we wish we could be younger [ sounds reasonable! ]. When we look around at our times, we often wish we were living in better times [ whatever that means! ].

So here’s the deal. Study today’s latest pop icon — MAD MEN — and figure out why it’s so popular. For one thing, it portrays a population of characters not too young, not too old, and living in what seems to be one of America’s good-times [especially if you’re male and attracted to all things slick, urbane, and free for the grabbing!].

There are always such iconic scenarios in our history. Always just past and just out of reach. In the early 19th C, Americans dreamed of their young pre-Revolutionary frontier times. In the early 20th C, the dream was usually the tall-in-the-saddle days of the Wild West. The Roaring Twenties also grew fashionable the further away they became. Now it’s Sixties’ turn with the gang on Madison Avenue.

Here’s an open secret. There IS not better time and there IS no better age. You only get what you get at the age you’re getting it. The best way to win this game is simply to play it the best way you can whenever the deal comes around to you….

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