A Slow Black Death In A Lovely Green Spring

In my little quadrant of the world, spring has arrived early and exuberantly. But let me direct your attentions to other than the harmonies from the trees and the blossoms from the earth. Drive to your nearest upscale fish restaurant and there behold death on display.

That fish tank near the front door proudly filled with fresh lobsters.

The scene lures the kids and even a few adults. But what exactly is the lure here…? Are we announcing the coming menu or pronouncing the approaching demise? Are these lobsters who were bothering no one being held up as a victory of our fishing fleets or are we implying our sensitivity to their aquatic comforts?

I admit I should be joining the rest of the party at the table where our waiter is extolling the virtues of the chef. However, I linger at the tank, watching with sad eye these denizens of the deep. Locked inside a sealed tank, their claws banded together until the final denouement back in the kitchen.

By now every patron in this place must surely understand we are all part of nature. But while environmentalism is on my mind, even more so is the slow death of my fellow creatures. A metaphor perhaps for so many of us outside the tank, as we too rest incuriously in comfort zones meant eventually to be our exit zones.

Employees…investors…soldiers…voters….you and me and the people we will soon be eating with. How many of us really understand where and why we are? How many realize their clawing initiatives have been stifled? How many presume this is all there is? How many ever look outside their comfortable confines to recognize there is so much more?

I have to return to the table. However, this night I am going Vegan!

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  • With this offering you reaffirm that you are a "Master of the Message" ... thanks for provoking the mind Jack ....

  • Geezer ~ Provoking minds was what teaching was all about for me. When you can do so with young minds, it's rewarding. When you can do it with mature minds, well then it's even better. Here's to maturity, ol' friend...!

  • "Here's to maturity, ol' friend...!" -- Yes ... now if they would just take away that arthritis in my 'mature' hands ... chuckle!

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