Wow, Never Seen This Irresistible Force vs This Immovable Object!

The world looks warily at the hundreds of millions in China and India. Such size spells power. But have we noticed the 800 million people who “inhabit” Facebook’s growing digital kingdom? It’s become the world’s third largest nation; and even without flag or army, it’s a sovereign force unlike any in history. I know, because I live there; and an unelected leader named Zuckerberg governs there.

Usually bold innovations like Facebook are the irresistible force meeting the Immovable object like humanity. You know who you are…! To date, Facebook may be winning, given the way it’s helped change elections, topple governments, and lately made the Komen Foundation backtrack. Privately owned and regulated, how does the world deal with this growing nation?

For one thing, we need to adjust, adapt and adopt, because you can’t hide in the stubborn closets of your mind any longer. For a second thing, we need to understand from now on there will always be new virtual realities side by side with actual realities. So here’s the plan. When you take your iPhones and laptops with you, why not introduce the little giants to worlds they’ve never experienced before.

That favorite Willow under which you have often dreamed…that special shoreline you know so well… that trail through the city’s forest preserve where you talk to the birds…that stop on the highway where you’ve often pulled over to smell the land…and if you’re really lucky, that cruise ship taking you to your own far-off Xanadu.

It’s really all so simple. As our species has developed the new — wheel, fire, printing, radio, television — it’s been given another staggering opportunity. To use or misuse? You see, it’s not the tool but the toolmaker that decides. For instance, whenever I notice another FEAR FACTOR or JERSEY SHORE on television, I know right down to the pit of my wrenching stomach that humanity has botched television. Lets see what we can do with Facebook….

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  • " I know right down to the pit of my wrenching stomach that humanity has botched television." ..... My neighbour Oscar {A Norwegian/Canadian Bachelor Farmer in his late 70's} has neither TV or internet .... He always greets us with a smile ... and is generally soft spoken about all things ... He speaks little on Coffee Row ... He attends church faithfully in all weather .... all the neighbours like Oscar ... he seems to have much going for him in the way of living a life quite meaningful to him ... this Geezer has taken note .....

  • In reply to Geezer:

    Oscar sounds like the type well worth taking note of...! Our assignment is to see if Facebook can be better used than Television

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