Wanna Talk PACs? Here's The Biggest!

“Death is a distant rumor to the young!”

That’s according to Andy Rooney. Living into his nineties, Andy knew what he was talking about. He could have added this may be why the young are so intensely attracted to our digital information culture. They feel they’re going to be around long enough for all this stuff to be important to them.

That, in turn, may be why the senior population use blogs, tweets and Facebook so much less. They seem to say: “Be there, done that, why bother!”

And yet counter-intuitive as it seems, seniors often participate more in the political process than do the young. Consider how many elders have mounted the Tea Party movement, calls to change the FDR monument in Washington (they don’t like him in wheelchair), and now a demand about the new Eisenhower monument (they don’t want him portrayed simply in his barefoot youth). Their loudest calls, predictably, are about protecting Entitlements (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Pensions).

As it turns out, both the young and the seniors have only limited staying power when it comes to their political agendas. Kids have their life to live; seniors have the doctors to see. That’s why no matter how large their majorities, some minority usually carries the day. Minorities defined as those lobbies and interest groups who quietly but relentlessly stay in the fight to the end.

Enter our newest minorities: Political Action Committees (PACs).These along with big-buck-billionaires have lately come to own our democracy. Lock, stock and barrel. After all, the Supreme Court said so!

Looking for a way to buy it back…? Every political activist out there has an idea and a 800 number. That’s when I noticed a very different number. This image of a phone at our local train station which read: “You can call anywhere toll free. Press 12 for God and he will accept the charges.”

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  • There are no "PAC's" in Canada .... Having said that - here in the North we too are not unsullied by the contributed $$$$ to campaigns by vested interests ... It still has the same sway in our political processes .... our politicians who are 'on the take' must be more furtive and surreptitious in their dealings with corporate masters and hidden adgendas ... though we often end up seeing "Who was in the Bag" by the nature of their 'Post-Political' lives .... sigh!

  • In reply to Geezer:

    Oh yes... sigh! sigh! and more sighs! When John Locke and Winston Chruchill lauded democracy, they had a point. Since then, their point has really been blunted.

  • Unfortunatedly, Death is indiscriminate.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    At my age and stage, how could I argue with that?????

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