Being Raised From The Dead In Time For November

Resurrection reports from the grave are far and few between. The most celebrated occurred in ancient Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago. Not to be undone, modern biologists insist they have accomplished the same, this time going back more than 32,000 years.

There just has to be a back story here…..

The New York Times reports it this way: “Living plants have been generated from the fruit of a little arctic flower, the narrow-leafed Campion, which died some 32,000 years ago… then was buried by an arctic ground squirrel.” Now even though these biologists were from the old Evil Empire, Western scientists have hailed this as a breakthrough. Which even non-biologists like me agree.

Let your imagination roam with mine, and pretty soon you’re envisioning some Transylvania laboratory in which Bunsen burners sizzle and electric arcs crackle. If you were in charge, who might YOU decide to raise…? Aside from family and friends, which five figures from history would you ordain resurrections…?

My five have already been written and placed in a sealed envelop to be read at the upcoming Oscars. Anyway, that’s how I explained it to Billy Crystal. If you send me YOUR five, they will automatically re-post on Facebook for Billy and all the world to see. Too private or guarded for such bravado? I understand…

…but wouldn’t it be interesting if enough great names came up and over-lapped so that we could find five to submit as write-in candidates for this year’s presidential election? Since Jeb Bush and even Ralph Nader have shown no interest, there’s still eight months left for modern biology to pull off the second greatest caper in history.

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  • I don't think dead plants; merely frozen.

    Now, if they can be Jurassic Park and bring back a mastodon from the dead....

    There are also the stories about the test tube hamburger made from cow stem cells, so probably anything is possible.

  • In reply to jack:

    Right, seems like "anything is possible." My question is: Do we have to do everything that's possible...?

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