Are You In The Minority? You're Lucky!

In what we still like to call “the free world,” majority rules. No argument. But at the same time, the minorities that are left must be given their fair share of that rule. It’s always this indispensable balancing act that tests a nation’s democracy. Look at four examples:

* Today’s 1% of multi-millionaires and billionaires in Wall Street have upped their ante in the game of democracy by 700% over the last 20 years. That means from $15 million to $178 million in political donations per year. Over and above any of their PAC money That my fellow citizens is a “minority” which probably has more clout than the majority…!

* Today wherever the women in a community are in the minority, studies assert: “Men spend more money to attract them.” Vladas Griskevicus of the University of Minnesota reports, “What we see in other animals is what we see here — when females are scarce, males become more competitive.” That my fellow males means in some places we’re probably investing in bigger meals and nicer gifts than we can really afford…!

* While today’s pregnant teens are still in the minority, the US has the highest teen-pregnancy rate in the developed world. Researchers from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed nearly 5000 teen mothers with the conclusion: “Most still really don’t understand the correct usage of birth control.” That my fellow concerned citizens means both our society and our religion are coming up short…!

* Today’s Kansas has the arguable distinction of being a minority among the states whose science curricula teach evolution not creationism. And yet, minority or not, Kansas is now on the fast track to own America’s favorite puppy: Toto, from the Wizard of Oz. The legislature is currently debating whether to make Toto the official state dog. And that my fellow Oz aficionados is just the way it is in Kansas..!

So yes, majority rules. But in some situations, it’s hard to tell.

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