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Who, I ask, Will Disagree....??

“Great minds discuss IDEAS….Average minds discuss EVENTS…Small minds discuss PEOPLE.” [Eleanor Roosevelt]

The Sweet Bird Of Youth

We all know about the varying frequencies in the sound spectrum. There are frequencies only animals like dogs can hear…those only a transmitter can hear….most complex of all, the sounds and feelings emanating only from certain segments of the population. To fully hear these, it calls for fully listening, not simply hearing. I have in... Read more »

Another Election. Another Fine Mess

Like everyone reading this, I took Social Studies in school. Ever since then, each corrupted election year I hear the same grumbling. In barber shops, beauty salons, and corner taverns. “Democracy is too messy to get anything done!” When you look at today’s blatant manipulation by big money, big media, and now big PACs, it’s... Read more »

Vince Lombardi's Now Forgotten Lesson

Several years before his death, the celebrated Green Bay Packers coach made a documentary film titled “Second Effort.” I worked on the project, carrying away a lesson that once spoke not only to the NFL, but to the entire American culture. Not so much anymore….! Lombardi preached the unbreakable beliefs that once dominated our society:... Read more »

Woody, Kate And I Learn A Big Life Lesson

Two American classics — Woody Allen and Katherine Hepburn — help bracket my life for me. Referring to one’s early years, Woody hit the nail on the head: “Confidence is what you have before you understand the problem.” Alluding to one’s later years, Hepburn pounded the nail in: “If you survive long enough, you are... Read more »

Where's Dan Brown When You Bloody Need Him!

The best selling author of “The DaVinci Code” has a fantastic doomsday scenario right before his eyes. The Arab Spring. It began like a Hallelujah Chorus, went off key In Egypt, and is now becoming a bloody dirge in Syria. You know, the very corner of the world where, the same Bible Dan used, apocalyptically... Read more »

Oscars Not Starlets On This Year's Couch

The reason we refer to so many innovations as two-edged-swords is because they can cut in opposing ways. There are the benefits but also the backlash. Examples range from say the printing press to the six-shooter to atomic energy. But what about scientific research? Surely there can be no backlash to, for instance, today’s brilliant... Read more »

America's Three Biggest Disappearing Acts

Twenty-first-century America is the land of the free and home of the limelight. Here everyone dreams of their 15-minutes bathed in its glorious glow. And why not? Here, both heroes and hucksters, talent and trash can make it. However, anyone who’s studied limelights understands they burn brightly, but they also burn out. What makes a... Read more »

Only Once A Lifetime, In Every Lifetime

Right now it’s snowing in Chicago, but as it starts to melt there will soon be a green nougat of spring hiding beneath. When old men think spring, we think first loves. Don’t deny it, because somewhere in your own cobwebby memory banks there also resides a Bonnie. Okay, so it may be a Mary... Read more »

Now If We Could Just Take God Out Of Religion

Atheists, existentialists and assorted other disbelievers want to take God out of society. Okay, we understand that. But now we have sundry sociologists and psychologists who propose we take God out of religion as well. Seems as if they like what organized religion can do for us, if only that primitive god thing could be... Read more »