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But What If There Were No Skeletons In The Closet?

From the Dallas assassination of Kennedy to the summer sightings of UFOs, some people always see plots. It usually turns out, no plots. More like patterns. Currently there is a compelling pattern which divides us into the 99% & the 1%. And while this is indisputably true financially, there are two equally true yet less... Read more »

So You Think You Know The Facts? Think Again!

Award-winning author William Faulkner may have been a pain-in-the-ass personally, but he always told the truth boldly as he saw it. When challenged by a young fact-finder reporter, he snapped: “Look kid, facts and truth really don’t have much to do with one another.” Let me show you what he meant with some last-year facts.... Read more »

Oh Yeah...? Sez You...!

Do you remember who said:”Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” That was the ancient Greek politician and pop hero Pericles. Now 2500 years later, who can doubt him? Lets get something straight. Politics — like this year’s campaigns — may be tasteless;... Read more »

The Only Fable You'll Need Before Our 12/21/12 Mayan Debacle!

Fables are funny things. Very often they tell us truths simple facts and stats cannot fully convey. Consider some of the big ones: Eden…The Red Sea…King Arthur…Valley Forge…the Kardashians. Ahhh, but this is an American election year. Thus the fables tumble out like political Topsy’s. How to find this year’s grandest political fable…? As Lewis... Read more »

Whatever Happened To Small In Your Life?

Got a little flyer in my mail box yesterday. Threw it away. Usually do. Probably so do you. Why…? Because in a culture where everything is promoted as big, spectacular, the largest of its kind, well there’s simply no room for little home-made flyers about local handyman services. Or some local shop that just opened... Read more »

I Am Spartacus...!

Ever meet a cop out of uniform? Or one of those goliath-like firefighters, humongous Bears linemen, bicep-ed Cubs sluggers, a member of Congress, or a Church Cardinal? Be honest, now, they all looked a lot smaller and more commonplace than they do in the papers or on the 10 o’clock news. Well, maybe not a... Read more »

What If The Birds Leave And Never Come Back

I’m sure you’ll understand. It’s all part of the delicious rhythms of my morning routine. Turn on my coffee maker, slip into my least ratty looking bathrobe, and venture forth onto my driveway for the papers. [Yes, papers, for even with all the flashy screens and scrolls at my disposal, my generation has an emotional... Read more »

Face It -- Today's Bloggers & Non-Bloggers Hate Each Other

Okay, hate may be a pretty strong word. But when you scan the bloody epic of our history, the score clearly favors hate over reason. About 50 to 1. Why is this…? Take today’s bloggers. A galloping-growth industry whose 13-39 age group has become a global sub-culture capable of swinging elections and overthrowing entire regimes.... Read more »

Are You A Redneck? Watch Newt Answer That For You!

Look, no one calls them-self a Redneck. Or a hothead, a racist, a zealot. Too negative and surely not us. I mean, so we have strong feelings, but they’re always saddled by equally strong thinking, right? The funny thing is, right now there’s a thinking man who has intentionally shaken off this saddle in order... Read more »

How Old Are Your Right Now? No, Really...!

Do you know how old your are…? No, not your birth-years. Your attitude-years. The way you take on your world each new morning? If you don’t much think about the question, it’s safe to say you’re attitudinally young. Which, in America, is the thing to be. But, according to some, that’s precisely what’s wrong with... Read more »