There Really Is Life After Christmas

It’s hard to believe during the frantic December buildup, but there really is life after Christmas. A little dimmer and darker, but weary adults may welcome it as cozier and calmer. We might also consider it as a blessed release from the pressure of all those chirpy Hallmark cards and TV specials that have been insisting we be as hysterically joyous as they are. I mean, really folks, no one can be that happy.

But now, what to do? How do we manage the post-celebratory winter days that loom ahead?

We’re told — by those same cards and specials — if I dream it I can do it. All right, I invite my fellow Christmas survivors to dream with me an entirely new season for the days after Christmas. No more cards! no more specials! no more lines! no more gifts! and most important no more snow! Really, what possible use can the adult find for even one more inch of cold icy snow after Santa has gone…?

This then shall be our dream. During the days, from December 26 to March 21, Chicagoland will henceforth experience an entirely new fifth season. A season in which adults need not worry about the traditional blizzards, ice-sheeted roadways and frozen water lines. A season — no longer Winter and not quite Spring — in which the temperatures do not drop below 40 and the skies change only from sunny blue to sunnier blue. I don’t exactly have a name for my new season, but it sure would be a dream.

Oh wait.

That would mean no more snow drifts, no more snow days, no more snowmen. That can’t be right! Not even for us winter-weary adults! I think I have a whole new respect for the Creator who thought up these seasons! Back to the drawing-board of my dreams….

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