Ordering In A Restaurant Tells Who You Are

Ever watch people ordering in a restaurant? A little psychodrama all its own. How they treat the server [courtesy or condescension]….what they order [lean or lavish]….what they drink [sweet or sour]. As kids we loved the sweet stuff, like sugary Cokes and Pepsies. As adults we lose some of those taste buds for the bite of beverages like coffee, beer and wine.

Why is this? Well, look, if you don’t care, then watching in restaurants is no psychodrama for you.

I have an un-credentialed theory. When very young, the world sorta seems sweet, and so our appetite for the sweet. When older, well things change. Our eyes, hair, body and the way we see the world. No longer quite so sweet, our experience has toughened our tastes. The coffee and beer that once seemed so bitter, now seem to exactly match the world in which we’re drinking it.

OK, I’m not saying we do this consciously. But now that it’s on your conscious level, think about it. Kids wake up and tend to see the sun in the sky, the green in the land, the fun in the streets, the snow forts and games in the day. Do you or I? I don’t think so! Which may be why gulping down that hot bitter black stuff seems so right.


No one has ordained that our day has bitterness encoded into it. It’s still the same panorama of nature and opportunities the kids see. Maybe there’s a way to re-see things. Like a-little-sugar-makes-the- medicine-go-down…how about a splash in your coffee? Or a smile at the breakfast table? Or a whistle to your walk?

Not saying any of that changes your world. But it just might change you…

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