One More Health Guru On PBS And I kick The Screen In!

The only problem with, “The truth shall make you free,” is how do you define “truth” and “free?”

With 7 billion of us cramming the planet, “truth” is often 7 billion truths [see the crowds attending any miracle or political rally for disputatious details]. As to “freedom,” for many this often means the right to throw a punch at anyone who gets in your way [see the faces in front of your punch for another point of view].

All right, now lets see how all this applies to our current obsession with health and wellness.

When you consider the deluge of medical advice we’re drowning in day after day after day, how in the name of the American Medical Association can we decide this gluttony of “truth” is actually “freeing” us? Most people I know feel chained more than free. Chained to all these impertinent truths about our cherished calories, cholesterol, and other assorted comfort foods. Remember who first fed us these gastronomical joys. That’s right: Mom! She did it with a busy stove and a loving heart. You want us to really feel free? Get off our back! We accept your relentless good will, but your “truths” have been sucking the fun out of our eating and napping for years. It must stop….!

Before you answer by saying I’m being irrational, kindly explain this. Why are most of the wakes I attend lately for the leanest wellest people I’ve known? Also, why are the fattest flabbiest people I know in attendance. Just asking…

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  • It's because of something called genes.

  • Aquinas ~ I'm sure that's the medical answer (my son is a doctor and would agree with you). But I just can't help shake my head at the irony here. So many health-devotees living short lives, failing to beat death with all their good intentions. Of course, I'm probably just being defensive...!

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