Miracles...? There Have Been Five In Your Life

This notion of “miracles” is open to wide-ranging and sometimes disdainful debate. I will submit my definition at the end. Until then, how else would you define these five moments in your life:

1. You are still here…! In face of the remarkable odds against a safe pregnancy, delivery and the first 18 years of life on an infectious and unpredictable planet, there is a smattering of the miraculous to what right now you’re taking for granted

2. You happened inside a family…! In face of the terrible numbers of parentless and/or homeless children in the world, this simple fact you simply assume is envied by millions

3. You are thinking about this…! That you can think is in itself a remarkable achievement of a healthy anatomy coupled with a healthy diet of nutritious parents, teachers and community

4. You have feelings about this…! Human emotions are what gives heart to the head, and to posses them with ample good will is what distinguishes you from that jungle, forever nipping at the borders of civilization

5. You have known courage in your life…! The capacity to smile Yes and to roar No in those moments of serious decision up until now, has made now possible

I’m not sure if by now you’ve considered terms other than “miracle” for these five. I’m quite sure the empirical-minded among you have. Bu quite frankly I can’t think of a single one that I would feel content taking with me into my dreams tonight. Or any other night I am still among the lucky living…

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