Kissing From Primal to Poetic To Pornographic

Lets face it, kissing is taken for granted. You know, a kiss is a kiss. Only that’s not true. The act and the art of kissing has evolved over the centuries with splendidly accidental imagination. Ranging from primal to poetic to pornographic.

On the poetic side, there’ve been kisses on the ears, the eyes, the nose, the tummy and the toes. Getting to the lips was a relatively late arrival. But then, even that was destined to evolve. From the proper Victorian touch-on-the-mouth, to today’s ravenous swallow-of-the-mouth. However, truth be told, what you may consider your own patented moves are mostly learned habits from George Clooney and Cameron Diaz. Be honest. We’re programmed by whatever is the current culture. [A quick caveat: explaining this fact will serve no good purpose at the time].

Putting these basic physical factors aside, there are also the complex social factors involved. The act may be the same, but who you’re acting upon makes all the difference. You don’t kiss Mom, sister Betty, your prom date, your bride, your boss’s wife and your kids the same way. [If you do, well, this is not for you; and, quite honestly, you’re not for me].

I don’t mean to over-study the kiss here, as researchers seem to do lately with everything from who we kiss to when we kiss to which evolved gene pool is motivating the kiss in the first place. Research like that has its place in the eternal passion to know. And yet, when it comes to dissecting every mystery of life into a controlled-study-group on some nationally regarded campus — I’m stubbornly inclined not to want to know “the explanations” to everything I do.

Centuries ago Lao Tzu may have felt the same way. I wish we could have had a cup of tea together while we mused over his words: “Stop thinking, and so end your problems….”

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