Hmm, Starting The New Year With Nietzsche In Your Mirror

You all remember Nietzsche…! You know, from your philosophy class. He’s the guy who told the world: There is no true self… Truth is rarely useful… God is dead. And while his own life ended badly, each pronouncement has outlived its author. Ready to accompany us into our new year:

* Look into the mirror and you see you, right? Nietzsche would argue that’s only the bark of you which keeps shedding each new spring. “We’re in a constant state of becoming younger, fuller of future, taller, stronger.” Who we are is never static, for it’s a continuous act of self-creation.

Hmmm, something you may want to explain to those who are trying to love you…

* Look into that same mirror and you see the truth of your dreams, right? Nietzsche would warn that achieving those truths may prove empty victories. “Truth is rarely ever useful. Instead, it is our errors, disasters and profound misunderstandings which are more precious to us.”

Aha, something to re-think as you march ambitiously into another new year…

* Nietzsche’s most famous comment was that God is dead. What he was trying to bury was not a cosmic higher power as much as the Judaic-Christian version. If he had lived to see Star Trek, he might have smiled a smile of recognition.

Well now. Something which just may make both theist and atheist ruthlessly hopeful about 2012. Either that, or decide to let Nietzsche remain in your mirror while you do better things. It’s our January choice. A year from now, let us know how that works out!

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  • Jack, time to get a new mirror. How about a Dalai Lama one: "Today, more than ever before life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation, and human to human, but also human to other forms of life."

  • Yes, there's a lot of wisdom behind his benign smile....

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