Got Some Counter-Intuituive Advice For All You Moms

CHICAGONOW readers are very often young parents…functionally speaking, that makes you the most critical part of what our society is going to look like in another 30 years…although frankly, young parents are functionally speaking just a few years beyond the happy ignorance of childhood themselves…so should we loving grandparents take up some of the experiential slack…after all, we’ve lived longer, won more, lost more, bled more… functionally speaking, we would seem to have more to offer….you know, cuddled with the wee ones at the fireplace as in all those Hallmark Cards

G. B. Shaw inevitably comes to mind: “It’s a shame youth is wasted on the young!”

Sounds pretty smart…and god knows we grandparents love waxing eloquent about when-I-was- your-age stuff….having survived the Great Depression, WWII, the Cold War, and Rap, you’d think I would delight in saluting that old cynic’s assertion…but taking a closer look, maybe I’d tell G. B. you got it all wrong, Scrooge…the precious safety and innocence and ignorance of youth can only happen once in a lifetime….lets not mess it up by sharing all the shackles of our own experiences ….the kids will acquire their own soon enough

So, Moms, let them drink their youth without adding too many antidotes of grandparently advice …and what better time start than Christmastime!

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