Figuring Out How Old You Actually Are

It’s the best time of year to figure out exactly how young or old you really are. When you’re young, the holidays are a wonder…when you’re old, they’re a job…when you’re really old, they’re a dread.

The dread comes in various dark flavors. Too much pressure, too few days, too many memories, too little time left in your life. My, how you’d like to feel the giggly Christmas Tree feelings you once did, for you remember Decembers as a tasty menu of emotional treats all month long. And just to prove that’s not a silly memory, you can still see it and hear it in the little ones around you.

And why not!

They needn’t bother reading the latest Medicare legislation, wondering how it will affect them. Nor do they have to study the latest reports on why “keeping everyone alive is an unsustainable national expense.” Unlike health plans in other countries, Medicare is not permitted to factor in the price of the medical services. Only the benefits of the health services. [Talk about “evil big government” daring to interfere with our lives by being so damn humane!]

Humane or absurd, this fact has now become the eye of the budget storm over Medicare. Approximately 45 million Americans are covered at a cost to taxpayers of almost $500 billion every year. The math is simple, folks. If you’re over 65, you’re anxious to protect it. If you’re under, well you pretty much see Medicare as your-burden-at-their-benefit!

So you can tally and tidy up all the statistics you want, but what determine your vote will not be the pure numbers. It will be your current age. Young…? Disease and death have no meaning. Old…? Those are someone else’s problems you’re paying for. Really old…? Now it’s no longer a political debate, it’s a life-and-death debate.

Health centers are jammed with young bodies sweating hard to stay young. Hospitals are jammed with older bodies striving to stay alive. In the meantime, “evil big government” has provided the best bridge between these two goals. Now then….who among us wants to throw the first stone?

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