And You Thought You Knew Everything About Men and Women!

Right now the enormous Hadron Collider in Switzerland is on the brink of discovering the long-sought “Higgs Particle.” Physicists can explain the details. It is left to romantics to explain the implications…!

If this deepest layer of cosmic reality can be documented in these tests, physicist Peter Higgs’ theory will be proven. Namely, there is no such thing as nothingness, because even in what we call emptiness there exists unseen fields of resistance. Which makes the ideal metaphor for the tortuous history of women throughout time. You see, fellas, as it turns out, the apparent “nothingness” of women during most of recorded history is not true. While the men who wrote history dismissed them as “nothing,” actually they were exerting an unseen kind of “resistance” all through the affairs of men.

Despite the reluctant male ego, facts are facts.

Need we point to the obvious and history-altering role of the female, starting right with Eve. The plot thickens throughout the years with the likes of Sarah, Helen of Troy, Bathsheba, Delilah, Mary Magdalene, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mata Harri, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton. [Okay, try to forget Michelle Bachmann]. Actually, before the male of the species was deemed so dominant, there were more goddesses than gods in our pre-history. Goddesses, for as everyone realized, all life comes not from the male but the female.

Exactly how men stole women’s thunder is not clear. Perhaps because few men have been willing to document the real story. But documents and dates aside, my stubborn brothers, their recorded “nothingness” stands out as one enormous lie. For without the silent service and suffering of billions of women, billions of men would not have achieved the successes and the civilizations to which they continue to lay exclusive claim.

You know the old joke — behind every successful man there is an exhausted woman? Time to fess up, fellas. There’s not a doubt in my mind! in my life! in my bank account! in my children! Think about it. It’s not giving anything up. It’s simply discovering what’s been there all along. Discovering this so-called “nothingness” to women’s role over the centuries is nothing but a genetic decision that brute strength somehow trumps sheer endurance….

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  • "Behind every successful man is a woman; behind her is his wife."

    Groucho Marx

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    Now how could I have forgotten that....!!

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    Either way one can suppose this week's events will engender the belief in God or repudiate it, which is the great irony of science, as much as it seeks to dispel the notion of supernatural forces at work it ultimately forces one to wonder if that is ultimately what is at work, thus bringing science and the idea of God closer together as much as science may wish to dispense with it.

  • Christopher ~ I agree! It does and it should make more of us "wonder!"

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    |But at Fermilab, scientist Robert Roser greets the news with skepticism. “These are both kind of like one in 50, one in 100 probability that the background could fluctuate up to be a signal. So not very compelling at all yet,” he said.

    Roser visited the CERN laboratories in the days leading up to the announcement of progress in the search for the Higgs. He says there is also caution in Europe about what the latest results mean. “And there was no popping of champagne corks… it was pretty much business as usual going on in there. People were talking about their individual analyses and what’s going on… they weren’t giving each other high fives saying we got this thing settled. So I think in Europe there is an air of caution,” he said.

    “You cannot yet rule out that this small axis of events is from other processes that are mimicking the Higgs.||

    However, very kind of Higgs boson to seem to be there to bail out the credibility of LHC and to ensure its secure funding. But at 2.3 ~ 1.9 Sigma? So the yes/no is still held in the clutches of the funding strategy. But surely put your champagne away in the deep freezer! Also, the strategy has to be excellent otherwise they too shall see the funds drying up like it happened with Fermilab. What was the harm in having it running too, in order to do a quick parallel check on everything? Don’t we believe in replicating experiments at more than one place? That too when the GeV is well within the Fermilab range.

    I as an amateur researcher fully agree with Professor Hawking. The reasons for mass and gravity are totally different than Higgs. For example, faster than light Neutrinoes and Higgs both cannot coexist — either one has to be wrong. It’s DCE research and superluminal speed which has the potential of breaking current scientific barriers, rather than finding a nebulous statistical dual peak for a Higgs, which well could be due to many other anomalies, one that LHC could not decipher is that of the UFOs.

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    Anadish ~ I'm impressed by you and all the others who have weighed in on this subject. But, as I said, I'm not a scientist only a romantic who has decided there is a metaphor tucked inside this tale. The metaphor of how the "nothingness" of women in history has been a lie...

  • nice

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