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Verizon vs The Arab Spring

Verizon, the world’s largest phone carrier, just backed down in the face of the American version of the Arab Spring — an instant wave of Twitter protests from unhappy customers about intended price hikes. You wonder how the history of the world would have been different if Caesar, Charlemagne, Louis XVI. FDR and Margaret Thatcher... Read more »

The Highest Adjective In The Human Language

Have you seen today’s movie and concert ads? “Joyous,” “Luminous,” “Extraordinary,” “Exquisite.” The adjectives are like the credit cards reaching ever upward from silver to gold to diamond to platinum. We live in an age desperate to be bigger, better, happier. What’s going on here…? OK, so you don’t sit on a serpent-encrusted throne in... Read more »

Do Men Actually Think Of Sex Every Seven Seconds...?

Here’s your headline: “Men think of sex every seven seconds.” Here’s your facts. “Ohio State researchers report it is on average only 19 times a day.” What’s the difference? The headline [ the conventional wisdom among most women and editors thinking about sex ] is a grabber, because it is deliciously negative. The facts [... Read more »

Hmm, Starting The New Year With Nietzsche In Your Mirror

You all remember Nietzsche…! You know, from your philosophy class. He’s the guy who told the world: There is no true self… Truth is rarely useful… God is dead. And while his own life ended badly, each pronouncement has outlived its author. Ready to accompany us into our new year: * Look into the mirror... Read more »

What's Behind Your Eyes? You'd Be Surprised.

Every day we read some new discovery. In the vast physics of space right down to the intimate biology of us. Years ago, the author Marcel Proust put discovery into perspective: “The only true voyage of discovery would not be to visit strange lands, but to behold the universe through the eyes of another.” That,... Read more »

If I Get One More "Dear Valued Customer" Letter!!!

Every time another computer-generated letter starts with “Dear Valued Customer,” you have my permission to damn well resent that computer. Especially its owners. For once again reducing you to yet another microchip of data in some vast impersonal storehouse of data pretending to know you. I’m not contesting the computer. 91-year-old Uncle Harry is among... Read more »

When Macys Was Marshall Fields

Under 40…? You won’t remember! Over 40…?you can’t forget!

The Most Important Man In Your Life

I realize making a claim about the most important man in your life is not easily authenticated. And yet the only man who can dare to wear the claim is the Galilean preacher of 2000 years ago. More books and music and lives and deaths have been attributed to him than any other person in... Read more »

Sorry But It's True -- You're A Prostitute Too

Our bodies aren’t the only thing we can sell. There’s also our minds. Despite our proud insistence about being free, we’re selling our minds almost every day. And sometimes for only pennies a thought! Consider the facts. Every day you and I scan the papers…catch the news on TV or the Net…read a book or... Read more »

Secret To Life Finally Revealed...!

The secret-to-life…? People join religions, read tea leaves, travel to Buddhist monasteries to discover it. In the end they usually find it, like Dorothy, right back home. Where it’s no secret at all. Beginning with that first Christmas you didn’t get what you wanted, you learned life is full of trees and holly and hope;... Read more »