The Day The Bears Lost, I Won

You know what it’s like…a sudden little epiphany… something new clicks into place in your mind…. and, well, it changes you!

It happened to me watching a Bears game where everyone in the room was shouting and damning every poor play. You know — the great American right to act like a buffoon while calling yourself a fan. Except for one quiet young woman who seemed to know nothing about all those incredibly important statistics and game plans everyone was loudly screaming at the screen.

I asked her what she thought about the game. She smiled weakly, saying with the most sincere voice I can recall in a very long time: “They’re trying so hard. I just know they’re doing their best.”

It was breathtaking. Not a single note of authority or superiority; simply one human being feeling her fellow human beings were really “doing their best.” For her, what more was there to talk about? The score…the stats…the playoff chances? Hardly. What I saw, amid all the pretentious shouting and advice, was someone who seemed to believe what counted here was simply “doing your best.”

By the way, the Bears lost that game. But I won. A long overdue reminder that, by god, most people most times most everywhere really do try their best. And isn’t our best the best we can do….?

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