Is There A Delilah In The Temple?

The Bible’s Samson — long-haired-super-guy tricked by sultry-lips-super-gal Delilah — brought down those temple pillars. And what do those pillars represent? The institutions by which any society holds itself together. Like what? Like its government…educators…banks…scientists…artists…clergy. So lets see how they’re holding up here lately…?

* Government is the necessary evil in all societies. In dictatorships, there’s usually only private grumbling. In democracies very public bitching. The difference lately is that an institution once grudgingly respected is now bitterly dis-respected as too big, too corrupt, too ineffective

* Educators are the experts you turn your children over to so long as you believe in their expertise. The difference lately is every new school report seems to say the experts are blowing their job

* Banks, from the money-changers in the Bible to Banker Potter in “A Wonderful Life,” are crotchety villains but who in the end can be put in their place, The difference lately is big banks have become so big, no one knows what they’re doing or where if anywhere there’s a place to put them

* Scientists have become modern man’s new high priests, crossing exciting new medical and atomic frontiers every day. The difference lately is as they do, they keep changing their minds as to how safe and how sure are each of their new discoveries

* Artists have always been the iconoclasts leading the rest of us into new vistas of thought. The difference lately is most of them have been bought, patented and mass distributed by rich studios in Hollywood who interestingly are run by rich banks in New York

* Clergy have always been the voice of divinity on earth. The difference lately is that too many have too often stained both the virtue and the value of their voices, leaving us to struggle with a thousand and one unclear alternatives

So….are there any pillars left intact to hold our temple in place in face of today’s perfect storm outside? When you look around, only one institution still looks firm. The military! Respect for it has risen and ebbed over the American generations. Now — perhaps because none of the others seem to be holding — our soldiers have become our last national heroes.

One way or another, we do need heroes….

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