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When's The Last Time You Threw A Snowball?

Pop-quiz for anyone over 30,,,! When’s the last time you flew a kite in spring, climbed a tree in summer, picked apples in fall, and threw a snowball in winter? Chances are, the older [and so much more adult] we become, the less time we have for such childish diversions. We are reminded of St... Read more »

Anxiety...? This Week's TIME Has Your Answer

It’s considered cool to live-in-the-moment. But wait a minute! Exactly what is this moment in history? What is this culture we call The West? The books say it’s the intellectual and artistic tastes of the moment. OK, but what do you say? While you’re thinking, let me presume my own answer. Right now we’re living... Read more »

When Someone Says "Hey Beautiful," Do You Turn Around?

Now for a look into that eternally fascinating subject: Beauty. What is it and who among us has it…? Lets begin with the obvious. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I mean, good lord, how else to explain the phenomena of a Mick Jagger or a Lady GaGa. What’s at work there are... Read more »

Uncertain About Your Life...? Join The Rest Of Us.

If you’ve lived long enough you may agree. Cliches are a lot more than, well, just cliches. Over the many centuries they’ve lasted, some have earned the right to be taken more seriously. Take for instance that little classic: “The more things change, the more they’re the same.” But lets not only apply it to... Read more »

The Day The Bears Lost, I Won

You know what it’s like…a sudden little epiphany… something new clicks into place in your mind…. and, well, it changes you! It happened to me watching a Bears game where everyone in the room was shouting and damning every poor play. You know — the great American right to act like a buffoon while calling... Read more »

You Have A Small Island Just Big Enough For One

There’s a small island in every life. This is a space and place that goes by different names. It tends to appear just over the horizon of our lives at a very young age, although it is frequented most often at older ages. Like most small islands, it is unpopulated and perfectly private. It is... Read more »

The Story Of Your Life, Now Playing On The Social Media

May I tell you a little story…? Stick with me for three minutes, because it’ll help you connect all the dots of crisis, crashes and confusion filling your daily headlines. Bill was riding his usual morning commuter train. But on this particular day he began to sense the train traveling faster than usual. It even... Read more »

Whoops, The Future's Already Here

They even have an academic name for them, for the folks who study our future. They’re called Futurists, and they pick up from where Aldous Huxley and Captain Kirk leave off. These are the scholars who analyze and project what our distant tomorrows will be like. Flying belts. time travel. computer chips in our brains.... Read more »

Playing God And Taking 'Crap Detection 101' At The Same Time

I’m taking a wild guess here…. Waking up with a headache or a backache is all too common, right? Two more reasons Americans last year filled 254 million prescriptions for pain killing drugs like OxyContin and Percoset. That’s enough to medicate every American adult around the clock for an entire month. Lot of pain out... Read more »

I Can't Stand You Except When I Love You

Lets see how good you really are…! Can you tell what the following all have in common…? Barack Obama….George Clooney…Jerry Seinfeld…Stephen Spielberg…Regis Philbin…David Letterman…Jay Leno… Madonna…Paul McCartney…Billy Crystal….Charlie Rose….Tony Bennett …. Diane Keaton…Robin Williams…Betty White. That last one may have given it away. They’re all over 50. OMG, being that creepy creaky old in our... Read more »