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It's Time For Us To Stop...!

There was an old joke that defined mixed emotions this way: Seeing your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your brand new Lexus. That’s not politically correct today, and here are three new mixed emotions that are even more incorrect: * We admire the life-saving work of our first-responders, Navy Seals, CIA agents and border... Read more »

Can I Take A Shot At Our Education Blogs Here!!

Another new school year, another new set of problems. However, I’m here to tell you that after 40 years at this teaching gig, I’ve really found a very old solution. Paraphrasing James Carville: IT’S NOT THE PLANS BUT THE PARENTS, STUPID A school can have a spectacular campus, spectacular curricula, even spectacular teachers. But without... Read more »

Backstage -- Where The Real Show Goes On

First, a little name-dropping. I’ve been backstage after shows with the likes of Judy Garland, Paul Newman and Alan Alda to Billy Crystal, Bob Newhart and Matthew Broderick. And while the dressing rooms are always small, crowded and glamor-less, here’s where to find the best shows in town ever since the Wizard told Dorothy “ignore... Read more »

At Last Ladies, The Last Word On Drinking Coffee

OK, lets be honest….there really IS no last word on coffee or anything else science puts its fine minds to. Scientists say this is because they are always testing and re-testing. Doubters say this is because they are dealing with some things beyond even science [AKA, what science calls problems-still-to-be-solved doubters simply conclude are mysteries-to-be-lived].... Read more »

Mom & Dad -- Some Say You're Already 100 Years Too Late

With all our remarkable thinking/talking/feeling video games and smartphones in the hands of our children, parents have reason to expect the coming generation will be our next Greatest Generation. But then that’s something like expecting the coming Holidays will be a great break from the daily drone of bad news. Ain’t necessarily so. We can... Read more »

As Published In Today's Chicago Tribune

October is perhaps the most wondrous month of the year in Illinois. The funeral splendors of raw nature….the bracing bite of morning air…the chatter of children, birds and squirrels readying for winter…and of course the anticipation of what has lately become our second most loved holiday, Halloween. In our busy-ness this month, we take these... Read more »

To Feel It Is To Fly -- At Least With Your iPhone

When they sing “You’re The Wind Beneath My Wings,” the wind is the love you and I feel beneath our most personal needs, hopes and fears. To feel it is to fly….! But next the question becomes what exactly is this cosmic yet concrete force in the flights of our life? Well sure, we can... Read more »

Do You Feel Like A Soloist In This Life?

Lot of ways to describe us humans. A few literary superlatives come to mind: goodly, noble, virtuous. Other descriptions have been: brutish, petty, sinful. However we may see ourselves, one fact is indisputable. We’re relational creatures. Almost everything we feel or think or do is felt or thought or done in relation to the people... Read more »

Here -- Sit Up On My Knee

Young parents and aging grandparents periodically have the same wonderful opportunities on their watch. I speak here of when the little ones ask of your vast reservoir of adult knowledge an explanation for something that just occurred to them. Say like: Babies…God…Death…Mothers-in-Law. You take this seriously, right? Like the time I tried to explain to... Read more »

Of All The Gin Joints In All The World

The precise line from the classic film Casablanca by the classic American Humphrey Bogart about the classic Swedish Ingrid Bergman is: “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she has to show up in mine…!” Might we call this a metaphor for America? Because sudden futurities like Ingrid entering... Read more »