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Halloween Mask Tonight? Come On, You Wear One Everyt Day!

Halloween is here again, buy what catches the eye is the choice of masks. We can expect a few silly Bachmanns and scary Obamas. In all fairness, though, I hope we’ll also see some preposterous Caines and gun-toting Perrys. However, my point isn’t the masks tonight. It’s the ones we all wear all year round!... Read more »

In The Moonlight Is It Chemistry or Charisma?

We’ve all looked into the transfixing eyes of a Bengal Tiger, awed by its exotic tawny beauty. Everything about them is mesmerizing. Which may explain why of the 8000 remaining on our planet, 5000 are privately owned. Without debating our right to cage these great beasts, there’s no debating the “chemistry” between them and their... Read more »

Is 38-28-38 Beautiful Or Fat?

This will anger all my lawyer friends, but I just have to say it. Facts may be important, counselors, but only important like the bricks to a building. The bricks themselves aren’t the story. It’s how different people understand and assemble them into different kinds of buildings. Take an easy if not sexist example: 38-28-38... Read more »


They say the three most compelling sounds in nature are the surf on a shore, the rustle of leaves in a forest, and the wind of through a mountainside. Also, as every music fan of Simon & Garfunkel understand, there are the deafening sounds of silence. And yet, not everyone hears the silence. Or even... Read more »

An Apps For Your Viagra Moment

At one time love was the many-splendored-thing in life. Now apps are. Like the new apps called “I’m Getting Arrested” which lets you press a single icon to notify friends and lawyers that you’re being nabbed by the cops. What’s going on here…! My guess — it’s the many-splendored instant gratifications of our smartphones. Any... Read more »

No Priest Or Rabbi Ever Told Me Envy Was Good

Two ways of looking at your world. Great Depression humorist Will Rogers liked to say, “Everything is funny, as long as it’s happening to somebody else!” Behavioral psychologist Sarah Hill of Texas Christian University reports to the New York Times: “Envy of others heightens our power of observation and memory. Sucj single-minded focus can help... Read more »

In This Country Being A Hero Is Strictly Part-Time Work

Being a hero is a funny career. No one you know has ever been able to define one. No one you know has ever actually been one. If you’re thinking leaders say like Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Martin Luther King — hey they had to be dead first. Same with most Medal of Honor winners. And... Read more »

Can Sand Speak...? Oh Sure It Can!

Long sandy beaches at sunset — poets love them. People with sore feet don’t. Another of life’s epic dilemmas: To listen to the sand out here or not…? Early October evenings along a city beach can do this to you. To the left, black-blue waves; to the right, Chicago skyline; in front, zig-zaggy lacework of... Read more »

Are You Under 50...? Take My Laugh/Listen Test

Bracketing time into tidy titled segments is probably impossible. But let me try anyway. I say the first 2/3 of the 20th C was a very different America than the last 1/3….! Here’s what I mean. From 1900 to the end of the 1960s we generally talked and walked one set of values; then from... Read more »

70 Years Ago Orson Welles Gave You Something Special

September 5 was the 70th anniversary of the release of Orson Welles masterpiece Citizen Kane. The film opens and closes with the simple word: “Rosebud.” Like any impressionist artwork, it is left for you to connect with it however seems right. To Kane — a man of enormous wealth, power and celebrity — it is... Read more »