Our Greatest Power Tool -- No, Not The iPad

Behold the simpler yet more ubiquitous TV Remote….!

Now I realize it’s not cutting edge anymore, but more people probably have one and use one than any other piece of flashy technology. And in so using, we have at our command a power so sweeping that by now we simply take it for granted.

Most blessed of its power is the power of silence. Ahh, just to be able to flick off those hi-decibel, $500,000 commercials while their grinning actors perform yet another psychotic ad-man’s idea of how to seduce me into driving their car into some mountain trail or gulping their pills into some medicated bliss. I calculate this controlled silence is sure to extend my lifespan by at least a year.

Complementing our new-won power to silence our world is our power to experience our world. I mean, look at it this way. Sitting here in my bathrobe and slippers, my thumb permits me to surf through 100 or more channels in order to command up whatever mood fits my mood. Silly…? There are sitcoms. Sad…? There are live concerts. Curious…? A zillion travelogues. Sentimental…? Old movie channels. Angry…? The pugnacious 24/7 pundits on Fox or CNN.

Of all my childhood auguries about the future, I suspect a TV Remote was somewhere among them. If you want to feel like God — be in and in control of everywhere — the little Remote is a darn good start!

OK, OK, I grant God is never pictured in his bathrobe and slippers. But then, how do we really know…?

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  • Hmmmmmm ..... One wonders if this marvel of our era and its rise in ubiquity corelates to the epidemic of obesity .... Chortle!

  • Checking my waistline, how can I disagree????

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