In This Country Being A Hero Is Strictly Part-Time Work

Being a hero is a funny career.

No one you know has ever been able to define one. No one you know has ever actually been one. If you’re thinking leaders say like Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Martin Luther King — hey they had to be dead first. Same with most Medal of Honor winners. And as for sports heroes like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Joe Louis, Mohamed Ali, O.J. Simpson, Brett Favre — well were cheered until they were booed.

In this country, being a hero is strictly part-time work….!

If you’re really serious about knowing one, your odds and mine are about 1000 to 1. Why’s that? Because authentic heroes — in the judgment of god and of history — are almost always very little people doing very little things with very little publicity. In a 5th grade classroom in the inner city, inside an ambulance roaring through the streets, during a tornado, after a flood, climbing a network of power lines, at a sick bed . No cameras to capture it, no reporters or biographers to recount it.

You see, the real heroes in this life are the people you should really hope to meet. If only once…

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  • Heroes might be a stretch for me to say Jack ... though my parents were certainly 'significant' in a somewhat 'saintly' way ... for they "Fed, Clothed, Housed and Educated this chap with some social graces" - {a few of which we have probably let slide} ... They were magnificent and I revered them ... ... and I still do.

  • Reverence for good parents is in my mind entirely appropriate. I only wish more did..

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