The Un-Covered Sins Of Tony Bennett

Now let us politically-correct juries take up the inquisition of Tony Bennett. Beloved 85-year-old Anthony Di Benedetto who has sung his way into the hearts of every generation in and beyond San Francisco.

Tony inherited Frank’s crown as America’s trans-generational musical artist. And all was well until….yes, until the crown slipped a tad this month. In an interview with the crown-less bubble-head Howard Stern, Tony allowed himself a moment of personal honesty. Now right there was his big mistake! In show business, honesty must never come before flattery.

Tony was a decorated GI in WWII…fought in the 1944 Battle of the Bulge…has always worn his Italian-American heart on his sleeve with traditional love of flag and country. But then — as in the doctrinely-correct Spanish Inquisition of the bloody 15th C — he permitted a technical heresy to pass his lips.

Tony answered Stern’s question about 9/11 with the thought — simply the thought, mind you! — that a nation like a person sometimes gets back what it puts out. THAT WAS IT! The phone calls lit up and the columnists flared to collectively mouth the Inquisitional pronouncement: Heresy!

Somehow in some convoluted way, post 9/11 Americans have decided the best way to keep-the-faith is to vocally hate anyone and anything with Islamic undertones. [Come to think of it, the Spanish Inquisition had some of the same madness in mind]. And so it is that an authentic American flag- waver quite suddenly became a political pariah to many of our professional haters. Haters whose rage against anything “un-American” has no room for anyone who ventures the thought that sometimes Americans are themselves un-American as they bestride the world in our role as super-power.

A few years back, the Dixie Chicks met the same fate. Sixty years back we had the un-American inquisitions about Hollywood and later under Joe McCarthy. Ninety years back we had the un-American inquisitions known as the Palmer Raids. One hundred-and-fifty years back we had the un-American inquisitions by the Know Nothing Party.

Well, you get the idea. When things go badly — in a neighborhood, a city or a nation — there will always be a few lynch mobs seeking out someone to blame. To blame — like the heretics and witches of our dark past — whose destruction will somehow stave off evil and save us all. Even the un-covered evil of 85-year-old singers.

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  • "Tony allowed himself a moment of personal honesty." ... some of us appreciate the fact the man's music is an indication of his character [Beautiful and Candid] ..... and the measure of his character and love of his country and countrymen is in the fact he is "a decorated GI in WWII...fought in the 1944 Battle of the Bulge" .... we despise those who are charlatans of our times and believe that virtue means a refusal to undertake 'National' introspection ..... Tony Bennett ... a man who had courage as a young soldier .... and still has courage as a Geezer .... Gotta love him!

  • I read something today that may help understand why a great American like Tony Bennett has been under attack for such an innocuous statement. In a different context, the Spanish ambassador to the U.S. said this in 1898 about Americans: "Ignorance is perhaps the biggest defect of this immense country. Here all read but nobody meditates....Trivia is magnified and made important."

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Geezer & Aquinas ~ I couldn't agree with you more! I mean if our culture is so mired in fear and anger that its hate-brigades have to vent their rage on Tony Bennett ,, well there's something wrong with this picture and this priority

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Thanks for that fine quote Aquinas wired ... we shall utilize it with source accreditation to you .....

  • In reply to Geezer:

    Geezer, I got the quote from a book I'm reading now, "The President and the Assassin" by Scott Miller. His source was a magazine piece by Carlos Garcia Barron entitled 'Enrique Dupuy de Lome and the Spanish-American War' which appeared in "The Americas" Volume 36, no. 1 (July 1979): p. 40.

  • To be an American is to be free to express an opinion. Sometimes those opinions are unpopular. Unless he spoke with evil intent he did nothing worse than many of us do on a daily basis. The correctness of his opinion, well who really knows. I don't agree but I will still sing along with his music.

  • In reply to JohnC:

    The only people who would disagree with you are those so disagreeable as to be cocksure they have all the answers...

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