I Just Found Al Gore In Our Garden

You’ve heard it too. All the pro and con about Climate Change. But in this dustup we’re putting the focus on the wrong word. The issue, my fellow earthlings, is not just the “climate.” It’s the “change.” Let me explain before the next weather disaster crowds my act…

I’m no expert but I can report Al Gore’s warnings have already taken place in our backyard garden. Five summers in a row our Day Lilies and other assorted beauties have been blooming weeks earlier than ever before. Not to mention five straight summers in which the nation has been battered by record-smashing rainfalls, hurricanes, and earthquakes. And while climatologists can debate the weather, the rest of us better confront the change of which the weather is only one feature.

This hunk of rock on which we all cling, it’s spinning at the same rate but changing faster than it has in centuries. However, like the lobster in the boiling pot doesn’t realize what’s happening to him, we lobsters may be enduring the very same deceit.

Whether you study the clouds, the Bible, or that grim Mayan calendar, we are at another of those critical cusps of history where what was is not likely to ever be again. Change is not new, but recently change has changed! It’s coming faster and more furiously than ever. As Margaret Mead put it: “Our world changed more in this last generation than it did in the last 50 generations.” Populations…weapons…food and water supplies…energy consumption…ideological confrontations. When these things start shifting — crammed inside as they are a smaller more interconnected place — something’s gotta give.

Presidents, popes, CEOs and generals speak in public with calm and wisdom. But in bed at night, they cower under their covers perhaps even more than you and me. Because they know more. And today knowledge is not always power. Often it’s terror.

Still….! There is this comfort. Epochal change like this has battered us before and yet we’re still here. Somehow we’ve made it this far. Which would appear to be a testament to humanity’s endurance. Still, if the Mayan Calender is right about December 21, 2012, my kid brother is going to miss that surprise birthday party we were planning.

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  • Here in the 'Wilds' of Saskatchewan (1000 km northwest of Chicago) we too can say "Al Gore's warnings have already taken place in our backyard garden." .... The past week has seen dozens of extreme temperature records tumble .... 16 this past wednesday alone when many communities reported a phenomenal "Doubling" of the record [i.e. In one nearby city the previous high was 16° Celsius - new record high for the day 32° Celsius] .... the implications are frighteningly clear .... when we hear certain 'political types' in the south disparage and dispute the warnings and the realities of climate change we shake our heads .... and we also wonder how the American Public tolerates such fools .... we hope for the best and realize that a 'Sizzling Summer' or a 'Silent Spring' in another time is a dreadful prospect .... especially here where our vitality literally hinges on the produce of the field .... Politicians need to act for the generations to come ... if they can't then they should not be in office nor seek it!

  • Now there's an outstanding thought -- getting our pols to spend a week in your wilds. Back to nature whose extreme rhythms should soon tell them something they can no longer hide from inside their safe marbled halls and chambers.I need a Canadian airlines schedule!!!

  • Several thoughts occur to me. When you found Gore in your garden was he on a carbon cycle? 32 degrees Celsius? This would be incomprehensible to most of us because here in the USA, we've been dis-Centigrading for a while. I enjoyed your blog quite a lot.

  • I'd like to think you "enjoyed" it because your academic background sounds somewhat similar to mine. I suspect those of us who teach have a habit of reflecting on as well as simply responding to the day's headlines. Well...at least that's what I enjoy believing! And you...??

  • Simpatico.

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