Halloween In September...??

Are we having Halloween in September….? No, but I did spot some masks & costumes being drop-shipped to my local drugstore. If nothing else, Capitalism tries to be ready for the buyers. Even if it has to whet their appetite weeks ahead of time.

What caught my eye were some of the masks. Yep, you can expect a few silly Bachmanns and scary Obamas. In all fairness, though, I hope we’ll also see some preposterous Trumps and gun toting Perrys. However, my point isn’t the prototypes so much as the masks themselves. After all, we all wear them. And not just on Halloween.

Freud and Jung have helped us understand why. We all bear scars and disfigurations we prefer the world not see. Deep-seated biases, festering fears, simmering angers, and pockets of sheer ignorance. Not the persona we want others to behold. And so instead, the world beholds mostly alpha males in business, smart career moms and father-knows-best dads in the suburbs, beautiful quarterbacks and cheerleaders in school, along with clear-eyed, pre-scripted candidates in politics.

When you see their outside from your inside like this — well, this is how it looks. Often intimidating. Although surely deceptive. But when you think about it, perhaps the world isn’t quite ready for un-masked populations walking around telling one another what they really feel.

And yet.

Imagine a world in which we could shed our masks. In which both the great and the small can admit to our respective albatross. The arrogance of the great; the ignorance of the small….! The great — leaders, bankers, generals, judges, doctors — admitting just how little they really know and how much they’re just doing their best. The small — that would be the rest of us — admitting just how often our ignorance explodes into blaming whatever party, class, race or religion we can find for our fears.


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  • You and the late John Lennon both have a fine idea Jack .... I for one see merit in what you seek to see us all take up (Honesty) .... We were prepared to doff our large 'Albatross' long ago ... and did ... though we have over time acquired a few newer birds no less doleful than those that we try to set aside. [nothing in life is static and new-bad habits can be accomodated by many of us] ....

    My capacity to don a 'mask' rapidly deserts me these days and I'm inclined to be 'frank/candid' to a degree of ever increasing awkward moments {Hmmmm .... is this the presage to dementia?].... when in other times one would have perhaps been more circumspect I now find myself at an age where once more (as you so precisely stated) "ignorance explodes into blaming whatever party, class, race or religion we can find for our fears." .... I do feel that some of us do regress at times with this 'aging' thing ... Though this Geezer does "Imagine" ... and "Hopes" .... and yes "Works/Strives" towards that dream of the lofty premise & ideal of a more just and compassionate society ..... So it goes!

  • I hear ya...! If there is any privilege to age, it may be the time and candor to drop our masks more than we dared when we were young and unsure. So long as the candor does no become cruel. A distinction I often have to guard against. You Northerners are too kind to ever be cruel...

  • "You Northerners are too kind to ever be cruel..." ---- I would that that was true Jack .... but alas I fear that we too are well capable of cruelty .... sometimes by way of actions ... though most often by way of neglect .... sigh!

  • I shan't believe it...for then there will be no hope left for our continent!

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