TV Guide/SunTimes - Give Us A Break!

While America waits to see what credit rating Moody will give our economy, America has already seen the ratings given to this season’s TV fare. According to the SUN TIMES and TV GUIDE, America’s upcoming reality shows get AAA. Way to go, America!

This week each gave splashy headlines to The Jersey Shore…The Bachelorette…Take the Money and Run….So You Think You Can Dance…Expedition Impossible. Please, fellas, give us a break. OK, so these programs, preposterously called “reality,” have admittedly become enormously popular. But to award them your biggest headlines is like awarding the telephone numbers in public washrooms your prize for best literature.

No one’s saying the casts don’t have the right to appear in public. Only lets get a grip, here. Fifty years ago, each one of these tarts & tomboys, studs & stuck-ups, would have been sent by their parents to their room. And by their teachers to their principal.

See what’s meant by “the good old days?”

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