The Time Of Your Life

What’s something everyone has, but defines and uses differently….? Time.

We live in a culture where everyone talks about it with furious concern. Being on time… timely…time sensitive…we even have Time Magazine. And yet the only time time seems to hit home is when we run out of it. Sick beds…wakes…funerals. Hardly the best way to engage in this ticking everyday reality of which we have only so many ticks.

Here’s a thought. Go to where time stops. Where it becomes so timeless you can actually start to get your head around it. The Acropolis at dawn. The Judean desert at noon. The Sphinx at night. Closer to home, the silent fields of Gettysburg. The endless corn fields of Kansas. The towering hush of a California Redwood.

Out here it’s no longer possible to take seriously your watch. Your smartphone. Your schedules. Even your plans. When standing in the shadow of the timeless, matters of time hardly matter. Something else is going on out here. Which has nothing to do with being current. Cool. Clever. Cute. The nightclub moment, the game victory, the latest latest — a pop and then they are no more.

With the fat juicy days of summer soon to give way to the crunch of autumn and the white of winter, what better time to take the time you have to begin taking time a lot more preciously…

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  • "Timely" topic Mr. Spatafora .... for we feel the rush and tumble of autumn coming to our doorstep this day and the fragrance in the air speaks of summer seasons ending and the fall season of harvest upon us .... a renewal is a fine way to mark time without contrivance .... and a 'time' when we remember to be thankful for the 'moment in time' we are given. For some of us we are also reminded of a fine tune from years gone by ....

  • In reply to Geezer:

    Geezer ~ your feeling and flair for time tells me you have learned to fathom this gift. Fleeting as it is....

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